1200% increase of orders value
from a newsletter over a year

  • 8666 associated organizations

  • 11 emails sent in March and April 2020

  • 20 recommended solutions for remote work

  • 3 trainings conducted

Liza Nema

TechSoup Polska Foundation actively supports community and social organizations by facilitating access to new technologies: software, hardware and various solutions and by showing how to use them.

Technologies for nonprofit organizations


  • giving associated organizations access to new technologies
  • educating them on available tools and technology
  • facilitating knowledge exchange between partners and associated organizations


  • Email marketing

  • Segmentation

  • Webinars

Solution: a newsletter fulfilling
information needs of recipients

The main goal of our email marketing comms is to inform organizations about products and support they can get thanks to TechSoup. Our newsletters contain information about new offers, training invitations and tips that help you select the right tools for remote work.

Liza Nema
Liza Nema,
TechSoup Polska Project Coordinator

While creating newsletters, TechSoup Polska follows these rules:

  1. Structure. We divide our content into sections to facilitate information comprehension.

  2. Consistency. We always use brand colors and utilize similar graphic elements.

  3. Clarity. We strive to keep our newsletters clean and not overloaded with content.

  4. Adjusting messages to the target group. We direct specific content to selected recipient groups (e.g. we inform users of Google for Nonprofits about Google Ad Grants training).

What's the game changer?


Thanks to segmentation, TechSoup Polska reaches the right organizations with the right offer at the right time.

Our target group consists of nongovernmental organizations, libraries and museums. To reach them with the right offer, we use segmentation to differentiate products, interests and equipment. Sometimes, we use city segmentation."

Liza Nema
Liza Nema,
TechSoup Polska Project Coordinator
Liza Nema

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