How UNESCO makes a global impact,
with the GetResponse non-profit program.

Public outreach is core to UNESCO’s work to implement the Education 2030 Agenda – and encourage international peace and universal respect for human rights. Hear how UNESCO's Bangkok office uses GetResponse to raise public awareness of its work in the diverse Asia-Pacific region.

On a mission

Home to around two-thirds of the world’s population, the Asia-Pacific region encompasses enormous economic, social, political and cultural diversity.

For UNESCO’s Bangkok team, that presents a challenge getting their mission and message out to different audiences:

We need to communicate effectively with the general public, policy-makers, teachers and students.

Akané Nozaki

Public Information Officer, UNESCO Bangkok

Easy outreach

GetResponse has been “a critical tool” for the organization’s outreach efforts – keeping subscribers informed and engaging a wider audience.

GetResponse has become a key tool in our public outreach toolbox, to reach a broader audience in a format that is engaging both at a casual level and also enables people to access in-depth resources.

Akané Nozaki

Public Information Officer, UNESCO Bangkok

Flexible features

For Akané and her team, the benefits go far beyond automation.

Of course, the automated distribution has expedited the communications process. But the key decider for our organization has been the design flexibility, enabling our artistic team to dynamically adjust the template to best convey case studies in regional education, culture, communication and the sciences.

Akané Nozaki

Public Information Officer, UNESCO Bangkok

The intuitive drag-and-drop email creator also makes it easy for the team to design their own emails from scratch – or customize any of the dynamic templates.

Emails are also automatically optimized for all mobile devices, which is essential in such a diverse region.

GetResponse truly stands out with its design flexibility, allowing our in-house designers to tailor outreach efforts to UNESCO's unique strengths – and feature programs through text and multimedia to maximum effect.

Akané Nozaki

Public Information Officer, UNESCO Bangkok

The team also relies on advanced search tools to divide contacts into separate or overlapping subgroups and segments – such as the general public, policy-makers, teachers, and students.

And with the intuitive analytics dashboard, they can track subscribers’ actions including open, click and removal rates – and then use the data to optimize future campaigns.

The function allowing us to monitor whether recipients open and view the materials has also been very useful.

Akané Nozaki

Public Information Officer, UNESCO Bangkok

Champions for the cause

Since using GetResponse, UNESCO Bangkok has seen impressive results. Their average open rate (27.05%) and click-through rate (7.16%) are well above the regional averages of 22.11% and 3.2% respectively.

  • 0% Open rate
  • 0% Click-through rate

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